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Monat Pet

Monat Pet

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Monat has come out with their official hair care line for dogs. Their products are all natural, vegan, and cruelty free and help restore your pets naturally high pH balance leaving your pets coat feeling soft and smelling clean. 

Shampoo: A pH balanced, gentle shampoo that removes "ruff dirt, debris and grime for a healthy-looking, clean dog. 


• Naturally-based, lightweight formula
• Great lather that rinses away clean
• Plant-derived keratin alternative smooths each strand of your dog’s coat for manageability • Botanical blend featuring MONAT exclusive REJUVENIQETM gives fur shine and moisture
• Light, refreshing scent leaves dogs smelling fresh
• Gentle, non-irritating formula safe enough for use on dog’s coat and skin
• pH balanced for all dogs- large and small and long hair to short coats
• Helps to condition and moisturize the coat
• Cola Det EQ-20 gently, deep cleanses while softening for a cuddle-ready coat
• Tested on humans first, shiny, healthy-looking coats loved by dogs, after
• Sulfate-free Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free

Deodorizing Spray: Can be used on dry or damp coats for a "paws"itively fresh smelling dog. Use in-between washes to keep your dog smelling great! You can also spray their beds or other items that are hard to wash.


  • Naturally-based, lightweight formula
  • Absorbs without leaving sticky residue
  • Ordenone scavenges, deodorizes, and kills order causing bacteria
  • Our Botanical blend, featuring MONAT exclusive REJUVENIQETM gives shine
  • and moisture to fur
  • Light, refreshing formula scented with a hint of Gardenia
  • Gentle, non-irritating formula safe enough for use on dog’s coat and skin
  • Formulated for all dogs of all sizes and hair lengths
  • Tested on humans first, loved by dogs after
  • Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free