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Custom Resin Dog Tag

Custom Resin Dog Tag

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Product Details:

  • Customizable dog tags made with real flowers or snake/lizard skin in resin
  • Made in collaboration with @bluemerleresin
  • Any of the clear tags can have colour added to the back (teal, light blue, pink, purple, white, ect.)
  • Names are printed on the front, and 1-2 phone numbers are printed on the back
  • 5% donated to rescue animals

Within 24 hours of your order being placed, Sonja will connect you to Steph to discuss the style and customization details of the tag. 

Size Options: 

Photo 1: 2" tags (for large breeds)

Photo 2-3: 1.5 " tags (for medium to large breeds)

Photo 4: 1" tags on top 1.25" tags on bottom (for small to medium breeds)

Photo 5: 1.5" snake and lizard skin tags for the boys made from real snakes and lizards naturally shed (black rat-snake, cottonmouth, and Asian water monitor)