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Black Denim Collar

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Product Details

  • The Classic Black Denim Collar is perfect for any occasion. Seriously though.
  • Handmade in London, ON
  • Features a metal or black plastic buckle and durable metal or black plastic hardware
  • Size S-XL collars are made with heavy nylon webbing and sewed using an industrial sewing machine
  • 5% donated to rescue animals

Size Chart

Finished Sizes

Recommended Weight

XS  (1/2" x 6"-9")

Under 10 lbs

XS/S (5/8" x 8-12")

10-25 lbs

S (3/4" x 8"-12")

10-25 lbs

M (1" x 10"-16")

25-50 lbs

L (1" x 16"-26")

50-100 lbs

XL (1.5" x 17"-28")

100+ lbs